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Basic Training workshops*

Healthy Artist/Sustainable Studio Consulting


Isotonic anti-oxidant supplements are recommended for a ‘healthy from the inside-out’ regimen. 

Barrier products for skin protection can be more effective and comfortable than latex or other gloves

A large variety of environmentally responsible and healthy personal care, cleaning, and studio/household products are also available ... To view more information, purchase more products, and sign up to get cashback when shopping for them, visit:

Demonstrations are available... please check here or contact me for dates, directions, & information!

Artists are exposed to toxins daily - in the studio, and on the way to and from the studio! 

coming soon:


A (W)holistic Approach to the Studio Experience

for Artists and Creative People

This workshop is designed to address, explore, and encourage a healthy, innovative and inspired approach to establishing and sustaining a practice, career, and lifestyle while developing a (w)holistic understanding of a creative identity.

Learn to survive, thrive and live a fulfilled life as a creative and responsible community member.


This participatory workshop delivers practical information through presentation, hands-on activities, research, reflection, and discussions.

Open to visual artists and creative people in all areas. 


Offered in collaboration with Mission Hill Artists Collective, Fenway Mission Hill Trust, and the Parker Hill Branch of the Boston Public Library

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